Why Was I Not In New York For This?

Ok, so this just screams new media. And awesome. All at once.

YouTube Play, an event organized by the Guggenheim, YouTube, and HP, happened on Thursday night. This biennial event features the top videos selected and plays them both on the interior and facade of the Guggenheim rotunda. And if you couldn’t make it, they posted a live stream of the event on the media as well.

I don’t really think it can get much more “new media-y” than this. There are several reasons I find this exhibit interesting. Firstly, this event featured a plethora of videos, meaning that artists who may never have been featured in the museum had the opportunity to be because of this mass-showing of videos. Secondly, I really think this illuminates how new media has allowed for the new art form of short, creative videos and it is very important that Guggenheim does an exhibit on emerging art.

The event was also hosted through a live stream, demonstrating how the internet truly allows for art to be brought into homes with the click of a button. And even more curiously, the event that was streaming YouTube videos from the internet was then reposted to the internet. This, to me, shows the incredibly cyclical nature of electronic media.


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From the 410, but spending the next 3 years in a lovely little town called Chapel Hill. Love a mix of the fun and the intellectually stimulating.
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One Response to Why Was I Not In New York For This?

  1. hxahs09 says:


    I also had read about it. It does seem to be an interesting event for video artists to show their talents and creativity.

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