Endless Sea of Checkerboards

There is definitely a theme within new electronic media, and I think part of this theme is to create simple designs out of computers that have the ability to be infinitely complex. Sure, there are some works that require much programming and technological skills, yet other projects are very basic in design.

This week on rhizome.org, the posting about Plateau (2010) by Tabor Robak serves to illustrate exactly what I mean by simplicity in some new media works. Plateau is a very simple design, as the upper half is completely white and the bottom half consists of repeating gray and white checkers – creating the illusion of..wait for it..a plateau. There is some depth perception and the checkers seem to be disappearing, but beyond that, the work is very plain and simple.

Really, I’m not sure the why the artist chose to do this, but to me, as I said earlier, maybe it has to do with the infinite complexity of computers now. Maybe because they are so complex artists choose to find solace in simple designs that provide a social commentary that art can be created from simplicity.


About kbless

From the 410, but spending the next 3 years in a lovely little town called Chapel Hill. Love a mix of the fun and the intellectually stimulating.
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