Silence Is Golden

Well, this is just taking Twitter to a new level. Creating a Twitter account—to tweet about what? Your life, your problems, your obsessions, your mood swings, or…your silence?

Posted on by a group using the ever-so-fitting alias of Les Liens Invisibles, this twitter account literally is updated with nothing. The group posts blank tweets.

The tag line reads: “Les Liens invisibles is an imaginary art-group from Italy. It is comprised of the media artists Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini. Their artworks are based on the invisible links between infosphere, neural synapsis, and real life.”

Sure, at first it may seem stupid or pointless, but I think this could be the exact commentary on social media that Baudrillard may have been alluding to in his many articles. In the “Implosion of Meaning in New Media,” Baudrillard discusses how people either conform to new media or completely rebel against it. But is this Twitter account doing either?

Perhaps this account is mirroring meaning without absorbing it. The group is not rejecting new media, since they are using it to spread whatever message they have. It could be seen as a rejection because there are no words in the tweets—and Twitter is about spreading information and ideas. The account could be implying that the (cyber) world is so inundated with information and dialogue, that sometimes, as the picture says, “silence is golden.” A visit to this Twitter page may serve to remind people of the beauty of peace and calmness in the midst of their lives that are flooded with messages from all mediums—especially electronic. I think this is also trying to take social media outlets to the level of an artistic outlet.

Words are an art form, but so are lack of words.


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From the 410, but spending the next 3 years in a lovely little town called Chapel Hill. Love a mix of the fun and the intellectually stimulating.
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3 Responses to Silence Is Golden

  1. hahello says:


  2. karaphelps says:

    I like what you said about this twitter account mirroring meaning without absorbing it. Along those lines, it’s pretty funny that when you click on the link without logging into twitter, a message comes up saying you can “Get short, timely messages from Les Liens…Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information.” (!)

  3. shinpogo says:

    I’m a bit split on this one:

    Are they creating satire of the meaningless tweets that are exchanged every second of the day or are they just feeding the fire of of Twitter itself is useless.

    I mean who checks daily on blank tweets?

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